© 2010 RZS Final image


This shot was taken on Caine Road, Hong Kong. The day was very bright so I’ve tried using some of the parts from an under and over-exposed RAW, combined with the HDR from Photomatix as per Trey’s tutorial. ┬áThe photo below is the original, correctly exposed, with some small auto-camera adjustments.

After loading the shot above (but untreated) in addition to a RAW+2.0 and a RAW-2.0 exposure, Photomatix came up with this:

These were the files I loaded (under, spot, over), with the final result shown for quick comparsion:

Obviously the Photomatix result is too saturated in places, with loads of grainy noise in parts, and full of halos… so I did some masking on it using those three input photos again to come up with this:

The results are good – maybe I would tone down the red, but all up I think it worked well.